VEKA shutters are very attractive styling element, which can brighten the appearance of the facade. With a wide range of colors and shapes, in particular its aesthetics harmoniously fit into all architectural styles and also as an independent elements give a special beauty. Furthermore, shutters are ideal protection from wind and bad weather, such as solar radiation, while having great aesthetic and means of protection against light. VEKA shutters are made of PVC with an exceptional climate and weather stability and maintain optimum quality under the influence of aggressive sea climate and industrial pollution. Steel reinforcement in the core of the profile guarantee a high level of stability, perfect functionality and additional security.

Product features speak for themselves:

• Top quality materials, durable and weather resistant
• Profile structure is stable and resistant to extreme loads
• Special metal reinforcements for complete security
• A high level of protection against burglary
• The smooth surface is easy to maintain
• Adjustable light intensity with mobile slats
• Extreme climatic stability, even in the aggressive sea climate and industrial pollution
• Wide range of colors, resistant to sunlight and UV-radiation



Through all the years of training and the adoption of the latest technologies available in the world we are proud to have uniformed build quality of our products and their durability.

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